Beach erosion problem has been considered and combated for a long time by different solutions since the loss of beaches has a direct impact on local economy, mainly the touristic one. Hard structures defences are in comparison with soft engineering solutions less effective and environmentally acceptables, and between the last ones the Beach Dewatering System, or BMS, has been tested in the regressive deltaic coast of the Ebro delta. The system is based in the lowering of the water table and the creation of an unsatured zone in the beach face that facilitates the percolation of the water from the up and backwash. With the less water in the backwash and reduced surge height, less sand will be brought back to sea and then trapped in the beach face (Vesterby 1997; Oversen 1992). Because of the complexity of the beach structure and controlling parameters, a geophysical support by seismic or georadar of that sedimentary bodies can help the knowledge and the response of the system.


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