The Urumieh cement company is located in the north-west of Iran and the Iimestone mine is in nearby the company. The free face for one of the blasting holes of the mine are shown in the Figure 1. The Rashkan village which its people are complaining about the damages to their building is located south-east of the mine (rectangle in south-east of Fig. J). In spite the fact that the Pirali village (south of the mine) is nearer to the Iimestone mine, the residents ofthis village do not have any complain about damages to their buildings. The Soltanabad village is located approximately the same distance of Rashkan to the mine and its resident have no complain for the damages to their buildings. All of the buildings in these villages are constructed from the break and ordinary masonry and their ceilings are covered with timber and soil. In Rashkan village the walls have cracked and the windows, glasses also show some cracks due to the blast. This research is designed to investigate the reason for damages to the buildings of î he Rashkan village. The Urumieh cement factory in the south ofthe mine has a crusher and the plant which may create noise during working hours ofthe factory.


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