High resolution seismic reflection investigations performed in the last five years in two most common types ofsedimentary basins in Slovenia(Fig. 1) were compared concerning near-surface conditions, sourxe generated coherent noise properties, signal frequency and reflectivity of target horizons. Walkaway noise test seismograms from different locations (Figs. 2-6) clearly demonstrate the variability of geological conditions that required careful selection of acquisition parameters. For these test measurements 24 closely spaced single 40 Hz geophones (100 Hz in the Krsko basin) were used and 5-7 shots of 100 g charges in 1-2 m deep shot holes. Only RMS sealing was applied to the presented data. Selected geometry of acquisition, according to the optimum wind ow technique, is shown at the top of each interpretation chart (Figs. 2-6).


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