The archaeological Prospection differs essentially from other types of prospections. We have to locate, determine and identify very small buried structures and objects with very little contrast to the surroundings. This fact requires further development and adaptation of Prospection methods. The dimensions in archaeological prospection are about 10-6 times of the dimensions in other prospections methods (nanoseconds, megahertz etc.). We have to prospect small depths, but with very high resolutions. In the same time the results of the geophysical prospections have to be clear and comprehensible so that the archaeologist can use it easy for the planning and calculation of the excavations. Ground penetrating radar (GPR) fulfils the expectation of archaeological prospection regarding dimension and solution more than any other geophysical method. GPR is capable of delivering 3-dimensional information about the buried objects. However the success of the GPR survey depends on the right choice of the field configuration and the equipment.


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