EMS-1 unit is used for specific electrical resistivity measurement in the soit at the depth up to 20 meters. Device was used in archaeological investigations of Western Siberia. Sounding is carried out using artificial alternating electromagnetic fields. The unit carries out induction frequency sounding by three magnetic dipoles. By changing frequency of the current, powering the generator dipole, the unit controls depth of field penetration. Selective measurement of the secondary field by two receiving dipoles provides data on geoelectrical stripping in vertical direction. The unit is used for search and exploration of fresh and salted water, structure control, search for and localization of industrial waste, sourees and volumes of water leakage in water and heat supply systems, search for metal pipelines and other metal objects laying, mineralized waste water monitoring. It may be used also for constriction sites selection (search for empty spaces, water cut zones, fractures, etc.).


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