Surveys by means of interweIl geointroscopy of rocks (RWGI) method permits to determine precisely and reliably rock conditions during projecting and constructing of metro railway tunnels under complicated geological setting, to study subsurface area under the basements of big buildings and to carry on monitoring of banks zone of water storage. RWGI method is based on multiplying raying of the interweIl area by means of high frequency electromagnetic waves during relative movements along wells of dipole transmitter and receiver. Data processing technology takes into account electric anisotropy, diffractive and interferentive effects of local unhomogenities. Sufficient degree of electric contrast of the objects searched for by means of RWGI is 1:2 in relation to the host rocks. 3D geoelectric maps represents morphological features of the rock media structure, and using this maps it is possible to detect tectonic displacements, to estimate the degree of fracturing and fluid saturation. Specially designed equipment, special data acquisition technology and data processing software of the method were applied to engineering geological surveys in the Moscow metro and in various industrial and water-development projects.


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