We present and compare a new alternative technology that can emit simultaneously several tens of small seismic sources alongside a standard land acquisition. This solution fit the infill acquisition purpose where we cannot use standard large vibrators or explosive sources (environmentally sensitive zones, urban areas and so on). This technology is based on continuous mono-frequency emission, allowing many of these Mini Piezo Vibrator sources to emit together.

Various sources are compared on seismic data recorded for TOTAL and TIGF during the 2013 Lussagnet survey (France) with no perturbation on the simultaneous standard seismic acquisition. We show that we obtain an acceptable signal above 20 Hz with our Mini Piezo Vibrator after one day of autonomous vibration (approximately nine hours). The signal-to-noise ratio above 50 Hz is even comparable to a Mertz 22. We conclude that this technology is promising and additional work would be required to confirm the ability to image deep reflectors and to optimize low-frequency emission by an adapted vibration sequence.


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  1. Cotton, J., Michou, L. and Forgues, E.
    [2013] Continuous Land Seismic Reservoir Monitoring of Thermal EOR in the Netherlands. IOR 2013, 17th European Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery, St Petersburg, Russia.
    [Google Scholar]

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