The Karpinsky Ridge, Rostov Dist. Russia has been under explored partly due to a earlier belief that below the Base Cretaceous only metamorphic rocks were found. This premise has been dispelled through the acquisition of longer offset seismic that indicated deeper structures and the drilling of several wells below the Base Cretaceous. The source rocks for the discoveries in Carboniferous of the Ukraine and in Kamykia District and the Caspian Sea area expected to be present in the in the Karpinsky Ridge, Rostov Dist. With the advent of the longer offset seismic data and improved processing techniques quite large structures have been identified within the area and along the periphery of the Karpinsky Ridge Fields have been discovered. Exploration is still in at an early stage and as more seismic is acquired more targets are identified and refined. A number of leads and prospects have been identified. The total potential resources for OE hydrocarbons is estimated to exceed 600 million scm.


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