The Taymir fold belt lies between the Arctic Ocean and Siberian platform covering area of about 0.4 mln. km2. Until recently the area has been one of the few untouched exploration frontiers left in Russia.

Geological model of the area was constrained by scarce regional dataset with surface mapping being the most informative source of data. New seismic and magneto-telluric (MT) surveying conducted in the south-western part of the fold belt provided an important insight into its subsurface structure. The fold belt includes thick- and thin-skinned thrusts involving basement and Vendian-Mesozoic sedimentary cover producing a system of south-vergent thrust sheets sealed by transgressive Jurassic-Cretaceous deposits. A belt of diapirs formed by Lower Paleozoic (Upper Ordovician?) salt are recognized in the central part of the fold belt. A new petroleum play concept is developed based on the new data. It includes a variety of diverse including - thrust –related 4-dips, positive flower structures, carbonate build-ups, zones of pinching-out and truncations, traps associated with salt diapirs.


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