Four carbonate rock types were studied, two relatively homogeneous carbonates, Ketton and Mt. Gambier, and two very heterogeneous carbonates, Estalliades and Portland Basebed. Each rock type was imaged using dynamic x-ray microtomography under the same reservoir and flow conditions to gain insight into the impact of heterogeneity. A 4-mm carbonate core was injected with CO2-saturated brine at 10 MPa and 50oC for 2 hours. Depending on sample heterogeneity and X-ray source, tomographic images were taken at between 30-second and 20-minute time-resolutions and a 4-micron spatial resolution during injection. Changes in porosity, permeability, and structure were obtained and a pore-throat network was extracted. Furthermore, pore-scale flow modelling was performed directly on the binarized image and used to track velocity distributions as the pore network evolved.


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