Carbonates represent a significant portion of the Brazil’s deepwater oil production, whose importance has increased with recent discoveries in the post-salt and pre-salt oil deposits, justifying studies on the subject, the economic potential they represent. The study of the physical properties of rocks is important for reservoir characterization and monitoring. It correlates the seismic response of rock properties. Reservoirs carbonate rocks might be a complicated system pores, resulting in different compressibility that affect the velocities of seismic waves directly. The goal is to estimate elastic moduli considering interparticle porosity expected in limestones using Effective Elastic Media (EEM) theories as Kuster-Toksöz model (KT). This work consists in interpretive analysis of the elastic properties of ultrasonic data measured by triaxial rock deformation and physics system, installed in integrated reservoir modelling laboratory at LENEP/UENF in Macae, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


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