For many years seismic velocities have been used in oil and gas exploration to estimate reservoir properties from published relationships between velocity, porosity and clay content, for example Han, Nur and Morgan (1986). The significant improvement in the accuracy and the resolution of seismic data during the last thirty years has meant that it is now also possible to estimate seismic attenuation from field data (Stainsby and Worthirgton, 1 985 ; Oliver, 1991) . Attenuation is a valuable parameter. The logs mechanism is not yet fully understood but is believed to be due to the viscious interaction between the pure fluid and the matrix (Murphy et al, 1984,1986) and consequently, measurements of attenuation may give useful information about the characteristics of that pure fluid. In this paper attenuation is defined in ferms of the Quality factor, the inverse of the loss per wavelength .


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