In this paper we suggest a new frequency-wavenumber approach for suppressing free surface multiplee from marine reflection shot-record data . As in Vershuur et. al . (1988, 1990), Wapenaar et . al. (1990) we use the reflection matrix approach for data representation . We allo consider a 2D structure and a line source. But in contrast to these approaches which require multiple shot data for a fixed receiver array we need just single shot data . The `price' for this much less severe requirement on the data set is that we also need an initial guess about the reflection response from the upper part of the structure - in the simplest case the reflection from the water bottom . In turn, we use this information for removing not only the water layer multiplee, but also for suppressing the peg-legs created by reflections from the deeper interfaces and reverberations confined to the upper water layer . To achieve this no information about the structure below the water bottom is required .


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