Standard geoelectrical sounding techniques (Schlumberger, Wenner...) are not suitable for investigations of land-slides in the presence of sharp lateral variations . Strong lateral effects lead to the deviation from the horizontally layered model causing an erroneous 1D interpretation. Sounding techniques which enable the detection and quantification of lateral effects (Wenner tripotential, offset Wenner, Square array) clearly indicate the inadequacy of the 1D interpretation and provide the reduction of lateral effects caused by near surface local inhomogeneities. In the presence of subsurface complex structures, the reduction of lateral effects is pointless, since it leads to an erroneous 1D interpretation. Elongated land-slides can be investigated using electrical tomography (Griffiths and Turnbull, 1985) along profiles perpendicular to their strike . Subsequent 2D interpretation gives a better approximation of the land-slide geometry .


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