Application of electric and electromagnetic methods in mapping polluted areas is based on the increase of electrical conductivity of the soil due to the contaminants. Problems with these methods arise when pollutants are organic chemicals. They are often poor conductors and their effect on the resistivity of soil remains small even in high concentrations. They, however; react with clay minerals so that the IP response of clay mineral-electrolyte mixture changes (Sadowski, 1987). The phenomena have been observed also in samples from real waste sites when clay urineral soil is contaminated by organic chemicals (Olhoeft, 1985), and in field measurements at the same sites (Towle et al., 1985) . Clay urineral soils are not very typical and for example in Northern Europe large areas covered by Quaternary glacial deposits are almost lacking them. We made a series of laboratory measurements to study if the phenomena might occur also in glacial and other type of soils having only a very small amount of clay minerals .


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