We are currently observing a definite move of the oil exploratïon industry towards the incorporation of 3D techniques in the proces of oil reserves discovery and appraisal. This is a general trend which concerns the whole exploration stream: from acquisition to interpretation, via processing. The move towards 3D techniques has triggered the need for industrially available tools to support the construction, manipulation, and visualization of realistic geological models. Such tools are commonly referred to as 3D modelers. Pr. J.L. Mallet (1989 [1] and 1989 [2]) has introduced the GOCAD 3D modeler in order to fulfill the needs of the Barth sciences community to handle 3D geological models. GOCAD technology offers advanced tools to build, edit, and visualize complex 3D geological models. Several successfull case studies have been reported, thus assessing the high potentiality of this tooi to help understand complex geological areas. This paper reports a positive answer to the question of the adequacy of GOCAD as the basis for the development of an advanced 3D macro-model estimation tool. We show that the development of the macro-model estimation components has been possible using GOCAD.


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