Because of the importance of salt and salt dissolution in many exploration and environmental contexts (Anderson, Brown and Hinds 1988 ; Anderson and Brown 1991, 1992), we are examining a variety of methods that might help in the reconstruction of the depositional and dissolutional history of salt units and in their present-day mapping. With a view to determining the anisotropic propertjes of salt-hearing units in the subsurface, physical seismic mode lling experiments in the frequency range of 105 to 106 Hz have been performed in the laboratory on several Gore samples from salt units of western Canada. The cores ranged in length from about 100 to 300 mm. The experiments involve both P and S waves and incorporate ultrasonic transducers as sources and receivers. The general experimental setup has been described by Cheadle, Brown and Lawton (1991) and Brown, Lawton and Cheadle (1991). When drill core is used as the sample, the set-up is as shown in Figure 1 .


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