The use of Radon transforms for multiple suppression has recently gained popularity in the processing of seismic reflection data. The increased separation of events in the model space, obtained through the forward transform, is the cornerstone for multiple elimination. The application of the forward Radon transform effectively deconvolves the smearing and sharpens the image of the events. Thus, by inverse mapping the multiple energy and subtracting it from the original CMP gather. a primartes-only gather is obtained. In this paper, we first describe a simple, cost-effective methodology for multiple elimination via Radon transforms. Then, we show two distinct, case histories from the Saudi Arabian peninsula. Our processing scheme combines partlal stacking and the application of the forward/inverse Radon transform. Partial stacking just prior to the forward transform improves S/N and regularizes the geometry of the data. Thus, the Radon operators are computed only once, i.e., for the first gather. Finally, we examine the proposed Radon multiple elimination scheme in conjunction with AVO studies. We show that amplitudes and phases may be altered after Radon multiple elimination. Thus caution is advised in the application of Radon transforms for AVO studies.


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