Application of surface seismic data processing and display techniques to borehole sonic data provides a means for formation description near the borehole, as well as for the integration of sonic information with surface seismic and cross-borehole tomography sections. The seismic trace attributes analysis and the colorcoded displays which are adapted for Investigation of full waveform sonic (FWS) data reveal additional FWS characteristics helpful in describing rock properties such as dipping boundaries, fractures, and permeability. In this appllcatlon the seismic attributes have distinct geophysical meaning which are specifically pertinent to FWS logging and are called Instantaneous Waveform Characteristics (IWC). The color-coded displays are called colorgrams. The IWC displayed in the colorgrams are also quantified, plotted as log curves, and interrelated to give geophysical parameters such as the quality factor (a) of the formation.


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