In 2010 a multicomponent Ocean-Bottom-cable (OBC) survey was acquired over the giant oil field Albacora, located in the central Campos Basin offshore Brazil. The water depth in this area varies from 100 m to about 1600 m. The Albacora field contains different types of reservoir; comprising both sands and carbonates. Furthermore, it also has a salt body at about 4 km of depth with thickness varying from 50 m to about 1000 m in thickness. The base of this salt body is relatively flat; whereas the top of salt has a complex geometry.

This paper presents a case history of the P-wave OBC Pre-stack Depth Migration (PSDM). We show the processing workflow with emphasis on the velocity model building where both the up-going and down-going data were integrated in the model building workflow. The integration of these two sets of data helps produce a better velocity model for PSDM.


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