The modelling system, Galled GeoCell, is a 3D boundary representation modelling system to build and manipulate a geometric model of geological structures. Physical properties of the geology such as density and porosity are represented in the model by functions defined over the region of interest. These property functions are smooth within each geological block or cell in the geological structure. The purpose of the modelling system is to perform or prepare for: - Visualization of the geometry and physical properties of geological structures - Seismic modelling using e.g. ray-tracing and finite differences, - Geological simulation done by incremental change of geometry, - Reservoir simulation The topological representation of GeoCell is of a non-manifold, cellular form. Therefore the system can model the anomalies of a reservoir model such as faults. Also the interfaces between geological cells are modeled as smooth faces. This is in accordance with the low frequent seismic image of geological structures, and is necessary in order to use ray tracing techniques in seismic simulations.


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