When applied to interpretation, seismic molleding usually concentrates on onedimensional bore hole modelling and two-dimensional forward modeping of basic structuralstratigraphic schemes, which are directly compared with real seismic data. Two-dimensional seismic models based on outcrop observations may aid in bridging the gap between the detail of the outcrop and the low resolution of seismic lines. Examples include the Dolomites in northern Italy (Schlager, Biddle and Stafleu 1991; Biddle et al. 1992; Stafleu and Schlager 1993), the High Atlas in Morocco (Campbell and Stafleu 1992), the Vercors (SE France) and the Last Chance Canyon (New México). The emphasis of these studies is on the interpretation of the seismic response to detailed stratigraphic situations, rather than on the geophysical aspects of the modeping itself.


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