The mixed carbonate siliciclastic Early to Middle Jurassic Mafraq Formation unconformably overlies the Triassic strata in North Oman. Together with the overlying Dhruma Formation, it is part of the Sahtan Group. This study provides: (1) a detailed facies analysis based on sedimentological logging of 12 outcrops. 24 facies types were established and grouped into 5 facies associations which can also be recognized in subsurface core intervals. (2) a detailed sequence stratigraphic framework of the Mafraq Fm. Facies stacking and log patterns reveal cycle hierarchies on four scales from meter-scale cycles, to several meter thick cycle sets, to tens of meter thick high-frequency sequences, to 100 meter thick composite sequences. (3) facies analysis and correlation of the subsurface Mafraq Fm. based on cuttings, cores, well-log and seismic data. (3) a documentation of potential reservoir and seal units of the Mafraq Fm. in North Oman


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