Permanent seismic reservoir monitoring (PSRM) solutions, if of high enough sensitivity and low enough cost, can be used to tackle the many known problems faced by seismic monitoring onshore and thereby increase the profitability of such developments. Here we focus on thermal EOR monitoring using continuous seismic, as provided by SeisMovie®, a registered trademark of CGG. We review the PSRM staircase that Shell has climbed since 2009, introduce the most areally extensive deployment at Peace River in Alberta, Canada, and discuss some of the initial findings and plans ahead. We show progress with PSRM to generate better onshore data that will lead to higher recovery, higher production, and safer and cleaner operations. Significant steps were made towards on-demand, lower footprint PSRM, and next steps are set towards cheaper, non-intrusive automated systems that are required for broad application.


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