The project SPWD - Seismic Prediction While Drilling intends the development of a borehole prototype which combines seismic sources and receivers in one device to improve the seismic resolution and exploration depth by the application of a phased array technique for its magnetostrictive actuator sources. Within SPWD a wireline prototype has been designed, manufactured and tested. In May and September 2013 the pressure-tightness and the hydraulic system for coupling of the SPWD-prototype were proofed successfully at the KTB Deep Crustal Lab in Windischeschenbach (Germany) up to a depth of 2100 m. In 2014 3D-seismic measurements to calibrate the prototype have been carried out in the GFZ-Underground-Lab in Freiberg. The measurements applying different wavefield amplification directions show clearly dipping reflective structures depending on the amplified direction.


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