An attempt has been done to reveal the major features of the thermal pattern in the Fyllingsdalen, the Ullrigg and the Årvollskogen boreholes, which are located in southern Norway near Bergen, Stavanger and Moss, respectively. Based on all available shallow and deep structural data together with 2D gravity and magnetic modelling, the 2D structural models have been constructed for the Bergen, Stavanger and Moss regions. These data-based 2D models were used as a structural base during the 2D thermal modelling. The obtained results of the 2D thermal modelling demonstrate that a considerable decrease of the Earth’s surface temperatures during the Eemian and Weichselian glaciations still affects the subsurface thermal pattern of all three study areas in terms of the reduced temperatures within uppermost part of the crystalline crust. In addition, the advective cooling due to groundwater flow is an important factor for the reduction of temperatures within the Bergen and Stavanger areas where the normal annual precipitation is relatively high. In contrast, the influence of the groundwater flow on subsurface temperatures is not clearly identifiable in the Moss area.


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