During exploration, field development and appraisal and production, geomechanics plays a significant role. Stress modelling is important to predict and understand geomechanical responses. An accurate measure of the initial (pre-production) stress state, present day stress state, and stress changes induced by future production are important considerations. Geomechanical studies are used in the design of new wells, in optimising production from existing wells and in planning an overall strategy for field development.

In this paper, we discuss a multi-disciplinary approach to build a 3D integrated geomechnical model in a complex subsalt environment. The workflow consists of 1D well-centric geomechnics modelling, rock physics and seismic inversion, petroleum systems modelling, seismic pore pressure prediction, geomodeling and 3D property modelling, and finite difference geomechnics simulation.

This produces a geomechnical model that is able to adequately characterise the complex salt tectonic induced stress state and pore pressure of the area.


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