In this paper, the k- -kp solid-liquid two-phase model for the solution of the oil- and water-sands multiphase flow in a slightly non-straight horizontal pipe for the construction of interpretation methods for the producing profile has been applied. The model consists of mass and momentum conservation equations for an oil-water mixture phase and a particle phase. The finite volume numerical method for the solution of the Navier-Stokes equations has been applied. The k- -kp model for the description of the turbulence in an oil-water mixture phase and a particle phase has been used. The numerical results revealed that the distribution of the phase and the velocity are different between downward and upward of the pipe. It is shown that the water fraction cross section is larger than oil phase at downward but which is opposite at upward. The amount of particle deposited in the pipe decreases with the inlet velocity increasing or the diameter of particle decreasing.


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