Hyperbolic Radon transform is an important method for multiple attenuation. But for seismic data of VTI media and marine large offset, its reflected wave event can not satisfy the relationship of hyperbolic travel time and energy in the Radon domain can not get a good focus. Therefore, we introduced anisotropy parameter η in hyperbolic time-distance relationship to describe the relationship of time-distance curve of VTI medium and large offset marine seismic data, in order to get a good focus of energy in Radon domain. In order to improve the resolution of Radon transform, we used sparse constraints based on L1 norm and introduced CGG (Conjugate Guided Gradient) algorithm to improve the computational efficiency of the Radon transform to meet the requirement of actual data processing. The test of model data and real marine data with large offset indicates that this method can achieve good results in multiple attenuation.


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