We present a case study of the Edvard Grieg field in the North Sea covering a seismic survey acquired using a multimeasurement towed streamer system to provide a high-quality broadband image, with improved seismic interpretation at target and a high resolution representation of shallow subsurface. Analysis of the individual measurements demonstrates the high fidelity pressure (P) component, with a good signal-to-noise separation on both the vertical (Pz) and the crossline horizontal (Py) pressure gradient measurements. The three components are used for the purpose of wavefield reconstruction by joint deghosting and crossline reconstruction. Images and spectra of the wavefield reconstruction results are presented, including comparison with deghosting using only pressure and vertical particle velocity (Vz). A high-resolution processing sequence through prestack time migration is described, covering the advantages and challenges of processing very densely sampled shot gathers at 6.25 × 6.25m surface grid. The data was migrated with a small isometric subsurface bin, and high-resolution images of the reservoir zone and the shallow surface demonstrate the advantage of the multimeasurement approach and provide data suitable for shallow geohazard analysis.


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