The southern Portuguese margin recorded significant extension and subsidence during the Jurassic, resulting in the formation of the Algarve basin. Recent studies have revealed the existence of oceanic crust, of potentially Jurassic age, underlying significant portions of the Gulf of Cadiz to the south and west of the Algarve basin, but the exact relationship between this basin and the oceanic crust is still ambiguous. In this study we integrate data derived from field outcrop studies, interpretation of commercial seismic, and gravity and magnetic modelling to better understand the transition from the rifted continental crust underlying the Algarve basin to the oceanic crust of the Gulf of Cadiz. This integrated approach reveals that the Gulf of Cadiz oceanic crust is related to the WSW-ENE trending Jurassic passive margin of southern Portugal, and is separated from the Algarve Basin by a domain of highly thinned continental crust.


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