Presented hereafter, is a method to first characterize and then attenuate seismic noise. Microseismic studies are often contaminated by surface noise sources that can make identification of the subsurface microseismic signal troubleseome. The method is a fast, automatic, signal-preserving means to suppress seismic noise whose source is located at the earth’s surface. We need no a priori information to use this technique. The work-flow steps are: (1) calculate the Fourier transform for a given time window, (2) determine the Cross-Spectral Density Matrix (CSDM) for each frequency, (3) perform the Singular Value Decomposition on the CSDM, (4) remove the eigenvalues that correspond to the most energetic noise sources at the surface: create a projected signal, (5) recreate the signal in the time domain from the projector. Final results show that application of the presented algorithm to microseismic data significantly attenuates recorded seismic noise, up to 2.4 times its original level.


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