The historic closed-loop seismic reservoir monitoring workflow is redefined to incorporate the geologic, reservoir simulation, and geomechanical models into an integrated full-field coupled Dynamic Integrated Earth Model (DIEM) to surface. From which elastic parameters for a range of reservoir simulations can be derived via the petro-elastic rock-physics model for input into the field-wide finite-difference forward-modelling with realistic calibrated noise, imaged to produce a high-fidelity prediction of the 4D signal. The Chimera geologic, reservoir, and geomechanical models were integrated into a DIEM. The Chimera turbidity type reservoir model has a maximum sand porosity of 0.25 and a maximum permeability of 200 mD with light oil and an initial gas cap supported by an aquifer from the bottom, accumulated within a structural trap segmented by normal faults. Production scenarios are simulated at the reservoir pressure corresponding to the baseline date, and four future realisations. These are transformed into elastic properties for the finite-difference forward-modelling. The modelled data with calibrated noise for each scenario is imaged, and differenced to quantify the type, magnitude and location of the 4D signal. Hence we determine if the base-line or an alternative geometry will measure the 4D signal at the required timestep and consequently if the reservoir is a candidate for seismic reservoir monitoring.


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