Due to environmental and cultural heritage constraints, orthogonal acquisition geometries with relatively wide line intervals have been preferred in the deserts of Australia. These designs tend to suffer from a lack of traces in the near- and medium-offset ranges and typically have highly irregular fold distribution in different offset/azimuth sectors, which affects the quality of the final image and extracted seismic attributes. Recent studies have shown that interpolation and regularisation techniques can be used to increase the density of the orginal acquisition grid and remove irregularities introduced during seismic acquisition, thus addressing the inherent limitations of the imaging and inversion engines that assume uniformly regular sampling. This paper describes a case study for a radial domain interpolation approach, where the output sampling is at regular offsets and azimuths, using a Matching Pursuit Fourier Interpolation (MPFI) technique.

The result of applying radial domain interpolation and regularisation to the point-source and point-receiver, full-azimuth, Munathiri 3D survey acquired in 2013 shows an improvement in the sampling for both signal and noise using this technique. This resulted in an improved final full stack image suitable for detailed structural interpretation as well as good quality angle/azimuth gathers potentially suitable for Azimuthal AVO (AVOAz) analysis.


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