Fractures not only are good storage spaces but also can serve as migration paths for hydrocarbon. Generally, full azimuth anisotropic migration is regarded as a most efficient approach in recovering fracture-induced anisotropy by suppressing geologic structure impacts. In this paper, full azimuth anisotropic migration in surface offset domain (SOD) and in local angle domain (LAD) are both applied to process the high-density wide-azimuth seismic data from a complex carbonate reservoir of ZG8 area. Based on obtained azimuth-preserved CRP gathers, dynamic fracture inversion is then performed to predict intensity and orientation of subsurface fractures. As a result, the effectiveness of the two anisotropic migration algorithms are verified by good agreements between predicted fracture properties and the FMI logging information, as well as the geologic settings of the study area. Moreover, anisotropic migration in LAD shows better signal to noise ratio (S/N) in both the azimuth-preserved CRP gathers and the predicted fracture map.


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