So-called broadband marine sources have been introduced recently for high-resolution imaging. “GeoSource” is the source component of PGS’ marine broadband seismic acquisition system. With its novel configuration, appropriate seismic processing techniques need to be developed in order to maximize and evaluate its benefits. We develop an effective de-blending, de-ghosting, and de-signature workflow. The workflow consists of three steps: (1) Separating the two sub-sources (deblending); (2) Computing directional ghosted far-field signatures from near-field hydrophone data; (3) Posthumus de-ghosting and de-signature for dual-level sources. High-resolution de-ghosting and de-signature results are obtained, with ghost notches well attenuated, low and high frequency content significantly enhanced, and airgun bubbles effectively collapsed. Compared with the single-level source, the dual-level source is more effective at addressing source ghost removal and low-frequency content enhancement.


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