For a water-saturated cap-rock, which consists of a low-permeability porous material, the wettability of the reservoir rock-connate water- CO2 system and the interfacial tension (IFT) between CO2 and connate water are the significant parameters for the evaluation of the capillary sealing. Also, the amount of capillary-trapped CO2 depends on the wettability of reservoir rocks. The wettability of the rock matrix has a strong effect on the distribution of phases within the pore space and thus on the entire displacement mechanism and storage capacity. In this work, the equilibrium contact angles of water/shale system were determined with CO2 for a wide range of pressures at a constant temperature of 318 K by using the dynamic captive bubble method. The results reveal that intermediate-wet conditions and hence possible leakage of CO2 must to be considered at relatively high pressures, however, the salt concentration of the water in the shales plays an important role too. The results show that this estimate is highly dependent on the pore structure, fluid composition and pressure/temperature conditions of the reservoirs. These properties need to be first evaluated before estimates for shale capillarity is used.


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