Independent from data and image aliasing, operator aliasing occurs when the input data spacing is too coarse and the frequency is too high for the steep migration operator summation trajectory. In past years, many researches focus on the problem about operator anti-aliasing but most of them are only available for isotropic media. In this paper, an operator anti-aliasing is proposed for anisotropic migration. Moreover, it is applied to fracture detection based on full-azimuth anisotropic migration. Physical model application turns out that fracture detection results are in well agreement with the real situation of the designed model. Meaningfully, compared with the obtained fracture results based on the method without operator anti-aliasing (fracture strike and density seem to be in a disorder), accuracy of fracture detection based on the method with operator anti-aliasing is improved. In the end, the method with operator anti-aliasing is applied to real data in Ha7 area. The fracture detection results are proved to be reliable and in highly agreement with the FMI interpretations, which suggests that this method is applicable and effective.


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