In our opinion, there are two main approaches for parameterizing the uncertainties in the subsurface characterization which impacts the flow behavior of the reservoir (disregarding structural and faults uncertainties). The first one, is to update the petrophysical properties, permeability and porosity, directly. The second strategy is to consider the underlying trends (the rock itself) as uncertain. Consequently, the facies distribution is treated as an uncertain parameter. The next logical step is to update both the facies distribution and petrophysical properties simultaneously, without losing the consistency. This paper introduces a new methodology where we are able to consistently update the facies distributions, the petrophysical properties, whilst honoring the facies information from both well logs and seismic, without the need of an extra iteration process. The results presented are using a synthetic case, a replica of a real field case in the North Sea. We will compare the new methodology against the results obtained when only the facies distributions are updated using the APS methodology. We show that the new approach captures the general trend of the facies distributions, it is closer to the true permeability distribution and it has the same predictive power.


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