An integrated approach to reservoir modeling is required if the geomodel is included in the conditioning process, and a fast, consistent and automated model chain workflow from structural modeling to flow simulation needs to be established. In this paper we demonstrate the integrated workflow, named Fast Model Update (FMU), on a real field application and how FMU can be coupled to a closed-loop reservoir management process. An automated modeling process allows for working with multiple realizations and to perform combined static and dynamic uncertainty studies, where geological uncertainties are consistently propagated all the way to simulation. The use of multiple realizations allows for the use of statistical “ensemble methods” for big-loop model conditioning, where any uncertain parameter that is input to the model workflow can be updated (e.g., channel direction, facies probability, seismic velocity model, structural surfaces). Working with multiple model realizations in FMU, allows for robust reservoir management and well planning, where the geological uncertainty is taken into account. Decisions can be made and wells can be drilled, at a reduced risk by using a better representation of all uncertainties


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