In this work the authors shows preliminary results of TEM profile by using fixed transmitter loop and a 3D coil receiver mobile in the Paraná sedimentary basin, Brazil. The objectives were to map the sedimentary and crystalline aquifers. The sedimentary aquifer is characterized by Adamantina Formation and the crystalline aquifer is characterized by fractures zones inside of the basalt layers of the Serra Geral Formation. 1D inversion results for component-Z for each sounding are presented as an interpolated geoelectric profile of 1000m long. Two low resistivity zones were observed: the first between 40 – 60m depth, being related probably to the Adamantina Formation (sedimentary aquifer), and the second between 150m and 300m depth, being interpreted as a probable fractured zone filled with water inside of the basalt layer of the Serra Geral Formation (crystalline aquifer). These results are in accordance with the local geological information.


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