The iFTEM airborne electromagnetic (AEM) system is a new fixed-wing, towed-bird AEM system which is being developed for conductivity mapping and the detection of mineral at considerable depths. It filled in the gaps in the fields of the time-domain AEM system in China. This paper presents the design philosophy and describes the design features. The system is now in the initial test-flying stages. The iFTEM system has an high power transmitter that the peak dipole moment is about 604,800 Am2 at 25 Hz. The system bandwidth is from 25 Hz to 20 kHz and the EM sensor is a 3 perpendicular dB/dt air-cored coils in towed bird. As the data acquisition unit can recording full-waveform of the 3-component response and Tx current, the multi-components data can be used to do the bird motion compensation and target geometry discrimination.

From Dec., 2014 to Feb. 2015, several flight test has been carried out. The physical embodiment of the iFTEM system has now been completed and the system is stepping into the initial trial-flying stages. This paper presents the design philosophy and describes the design features.


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