The Artvin Dam and hydroelectric power station that has been built on the Çoruh River will have an average of production 1 billion kWH per year. It is far 20 km from south-west of the Artvin Province (Eastern Turkey). Havuzlu Landslide is located in a slope in boundaries of the Havuzlu village on the Artvin dam reservoir. The Havuzlu Landslide which has complex structure and including groundwater is paleo-landslide. The structure of paleo-landslide, potential sliding surface, possible fractures, crushed zones, geotechnical properties of formations and situation of groundwater were investigated by 2D electrical resistivity imaging method, self-potential (SP) measurements, microtremor and boreholes data. To calculation of slope stability possible sliding surface was determined between the landslide material and bedrock. Distribution of landslide materials along vertical and horizontal directions was determined. Structure of landslide mass and bedrock were extremely heterogeneous. Silty-clay and saturated zones were identified in the landslide mass. The crushed zones were estimated on bedrock layer. In the landslide area was calculated slope stability for three selected profile was demonstrated to be unstable.


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