Measurements of cruise MSM34 in the frame of the German project SUGAR of 11 heat flow stations in the BEEZ are the first in the Black Sea, purposefully conducted for gas hydrate (GH) study. Maps for the fields of temperature’s background and anomaly are gridded with different step and with stations within BSR areas exclusion from the input. Result of the maps’ analysis are three hypotheses: 1) GH deposit grows laterally with sequential addition of external subvolumes; 2) the cyclical process of GH subvolumes appearance consists of 7 subprocesses; 3) hypotheses 1 and 2 explain qualitatively the diversity of anomalous geothermal fields over GH deposits.

To confirm these hypotheses a 2D straight problem of conductive heat transfer is solved. Input parameters are data from MSM34 and publications from GH research in the region.

The results present geothermal evolution of key points in the study volume - curves of temperature (20) and heat flow (12) changes. The times to reach steady state are determined for the main 7 subprocesses. This work is a base for a new quantitative study of GH with the methods of marine geothermy.


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