The paper presents the assessment of the hardware and software equipment as the initial stage of the implementation of the project DFNI I02/11 “Creating an information base for exploration of seismicity and Earth structure of Livingston Island and surroundings by complex research in the Bulgarian Antarctic Base area”. Broad Band seismometer Guralp CMG40T with flat frequency response from 30s to 50Hz and digitizer Reftek DAS130 were installed in the yard of Vitosha Geophysics Observatory (1400m). The equipment was working in extreme weather conditions during February, 2015. The distribution of Power Spectral Density of the ambient noise was estimated and the performance of the tested equipment and the seismological equipment working in the Observatory was compared. Software developed on the base of Golitzynin method and the receiver function techniques were applied over several earthquakes. The assessment of the efficiency of the hardware equipment and the methods applied proved that they are suitable to explore the seismicity of Livingston Island and surroundings.


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