We would like to present a GIS-based 3D online planning tool for underground energy storage. Its aim is to provide a basis for a pre-selection of possible sites for thermal, electrical, and substantial underground energy storages. The primary task of the proposed tool is to assist local authorities when dealing with the security of energy supply regarding the safe subsurface energy storage in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein. Taking into account as many of the relevant input factors as possible, the tool aims to suggest appropriate sites for setting up a selected kind of underground energy storage. The data base incorporates the current situtation as well as different energy related future scenarios.

The system is implemented as an online 3D server GIS environment, with no software needed to be installed on the user side. The results, representing areas potentially suitable for underground energy storage, are visualized as interactive 3D graphics and 2D maps in the browser. They can be downloaded in Geomodelling and GIS file formats for integration into an existing workflow.


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