The hydrocarbon prospectivity of the offshore Morondava Basin has been high-graded according to the interpretations of the new multi client 2D seismic data. A little hydrocarbon exploration is conducted out in the offshore part of the basin in the past many years. Only 8 exploration wells have been drilled in offshore Morondava Basin and 4 of these have had gas shows. The drillings reveal some possible source rock and reservoir potential. And recent discoveries offshore Tanzania and Mozambique indicate the tremendous hydrocarbon potential of the offshore eastern Africa. BGP-TGS acquired 13,134km high quality seismic data in Morondava Basin. The new data increase the geological understanding of the basin and confirm the hydrocarbon potential of the basin. We conclude that Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous shales present in offshore area and are probably oil-prone. Lots of stratigraphic/lithological and structural traps in Tertiary and Cretaceous have been identified.


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