The authors of the poster in their practical and research tasks come across a number of possibilities of application of geophysical methods for the assessment of geological and particularly geotechnical conditions in the investigations performed for the line structures (roads, railways, pipelines, protective dams). Recently, the collective of authors has been involved in the grant of the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic, addressing the issues of application of geophysical methods in the field of railway engineering. The poster shows examples of application of seismic methods (see fig. 1), including the use of a small seismic vibrator, the method of ground penetrating radar (GPR) in connection with a railway track recording car (see fig. 2), the method of gravity measurement focused on the changes of consolidation and compaction of railway ernbankment or geotechnical condition of tunnels (fig. 3 and 4), the multielectrode methods focused on embankments and landslides, and the methods of observation of corrosion of metallic objects (fig 5,6).


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