In 2012 a high fold wide azimuth 3D dataset was acquired over the Rumaila field in South East Iraq using the ISSN™ simultaneous source technique. This was the first 3D dataset for the field and the survey was acquired to facilitate the redevelopment of the Rumaila field. The use of the ISSN technique, which incorporates cable less nodal recording with multiple sources operating autonomously, enabled the survey to be acquired with high productivity rates and reduced exposure for the crew to UXO hazards from recent conflicts in the area.

The processing of this dataset started during the acquisition program using a sequence based on a previous ISSN survey from North Africa. The Rumaila ISSN dataset presented a number of challenges for the data processing due to significant cultural noise from production and other human activity, strong internal multiples at the target reservoir, variable coverage due to gaps in the acquisition of the data and near surface related noise.

We present the results of the processing of this dataset and describe how the sequence has been adapted to mitigate these challenges to generate the required high quality stack and pre stack volumes for the field development.


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