The Kattesund-Koster dyke swarm is an important relic within the Svenconorwegian province of the Baltic Shield. With an age of 1421 Ma, the doleritic dykes make up a key structural feature of the Kongsberg-Bamble-Østfold segment. The dyke structures also cut the crystalline basement rock on the half island of Saltö, east of the Koster Fjord, Sweden. One very prominent dyke feature, with a width of about 5 meters, is exposed on the most southern edge of Saltö. Scalar marine total magnetic field data was collected above this intrusive dyke. Results show that across dyke, the average magnetic anomalies lie between 80 and 130 nT. Along dyke the anomaly signature increases in magnitude south-eastward from an average of 30 to 85 nT. 2D Magnetic inversion techniques, using basic dipping dyke models, are applied to investigate several dyke parameters. These include the dip, extent, width and depth of the dyke. In an effort to create a broader geological model and better understand the geo-dynamics of the region, the data set is integrated with airborne total magnetic field data, as well as gravity data, provided by the Geological Survey of Sweden.


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